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Let us present to you the very first and most intriguing NFT collections from CryptoTab featuring the popular character CryptoBot. Our NFTs not only make it possible to interact with CryptoTab’s global community, but also provide their owners with special abilities and privileges. Get yourself a unique CryptoBot token!

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NFTs Mining

Try a new revolutionary type of mining — NFT mining — an art that brings you profit not only for reselling. Buy a special NFT from CryptoTab on OpenSea and get an additional hashrate for mining in CryptoTab Browser on your Windows or macOS device to earn significantly more. You can connect multiple tokens to your account in order to get extremely efficient mining that brings a large income in BTC.

CryptoBot in Action

The "CryptoBot in Action" collection is a limited edition of 50 NFTs based on animated CryptoBot. In this NFT collection, a unique sticker is assigned to each token. The token holder has the ability to customize the appearance of the corresponding sticker allowing for more opportunities to interact with the CryptoTab️ community, which has tens of millions of users from all over the world.

CryptoBot Utility

All tokens in this collection give their holders a unique ability to interact with CryptoTab and its community depending on the token properties. Don’t miss the chance to get one of them at the lowest price and enjoy further benefits and privileges after the rest of the set is published and starts growing in price.

Stay tuned — more updates coming soon!