Cryptobot Utility CryptoBot Utility #18

CryptoBot Utility #18

We present to your attention a special festive NFT from the "Cryptobot Utility" collection – a Merry Christmas CryptoBot!

Christmas CryptoBot is in a hurry to congratulate tens of millions of people actively participating in the CryptoTab® community and wish them all the happiness their holiday can hold! He also will be happy to pass the wishes from his new friend, the NFT-owner. Equipped with warm words, Christmas CryptoBot will send images and hyperlinks from NFT-owner in festive e-cards. These cards will be sent to 6,000,000 verified CryptoTab® users by email. The opportunity will be available annually in the last ten days of December, which will please the owner over and over again each year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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